Date: Jun 29, 1995

To: Scout Executives

From: Jere Ratcliffe, Chief Scout Executive

Subject: Computerized Communications Networks - The INTERNET

The position of the Boy Scouts of America regarding the Internet is as follows:

At this time, the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, does not sponsor, provide or hold official space for disseminating information of any kind regarding programs, activities, resources of lists of names of unit leaders or chartered organizations on the Internet or other computerized communication networks.

The Boy Scouts of America disseminates information through regional offices and local councils to chartered organizations, unit, leaders, and youth members.

For example, Exploring magazine published and distributed four times annually is the official national communications tool for unit leaders and youth members registered in the Exploring program. Similarly, Scouting magazine provides a more generalized format for BSA programs and activities.

Individual units, youth, and adult members act on their own as private individuals and do not represent or serve as agents of the BSA at any time, especially when disseminating information over computerized communication networks (Internet, etc.).

At this time a National Council task force is evaluating the issue of alternative communication methods such as the Internet. After a full and thorough evaluation, the findings of this task force will be made available to all local councils.


cc: Regional Directors, Group Directors, Area Directors, Division Directors

Last revised: July 29, 1996

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