Philmont Troop 325, 6/11-6/25/2010



            We met at the annex tonight at 1:30 a.m. We waited for everyone to get there and then packed all of our packs into the trailer. We then loaded into the van and headed for the train station in Indiana. When we got to the station we unloaded our stuff and went inside the station. Mark Madden took the van and trailer back home while we waited about two hours for our train to arrive and take us to the Chicago Train Station. On our train we had to sit in groups of four. Two people sat next to eachother and faced the other two people. The ride was very cramped and uncomfortable. While people were asleep, Mitchell would pull out a red or black Sharpie and color on their faces. He gave Edwin a red dot on his forehead. After an eternity, we finally arrived at the Chicago Train Station. We had to wait five long hours until our train came to take us to New Mexico. We took turns guarding all of our backpacks. There were two shifts. Each crew took one shift while the other crew took two hours to go do whatever they wanted. My crew took the first shift while the other crew did different stuff. After they came back we switched shifts. Our crew then walked down to a pizza place and we all ate delicious pizza together. After we walked back to the train station we waited for another hour and a half to get on the train. The second train was a lot nicer than the first. It had foot rests, a dining car, a snack car, and a sleeping car. We had a long train ride ahead of us. The ride would would be about twenty six hours long. We hung out on the trains and caught up on some sleep. Joel and Lil' John also met some new friends on the train. It was a really long first day of High Adventure.



            We were still on the train the next day. We stayed on the train until about 10 a.m. Then we all got up on the train and got our stuff packed up. We also put on our Class A scout shirts. When the train stopped we all disembarked with our backpacking gear. We put all our equipment by the old school buses that would be taking all of us to Philmont. We then got crew pictures in front of the train station. After the pictures we loaded onto the buses and headed for Philmont. We stopped about halfway through the bus ride to eat. Some of us went to McDonalds, some went to Sonic, while others went over to Arby's. When we had finished eating we got back on tho buses. We were about to leave when we realized that we didn't have Edwin. It turned out that he was in McDonald's restroom. After we had secured Edwin on the bus we started out again for Philmont Ranch. It was a very long bus ride. Once we had reached Philmont we got our bags out of the bus and put them in pack lines near the welcome center. All that was left to do was wait for the rangers of both crews to arrive and greet us. Our ranger was Alli. She took us to tent city and showed us which tents to stay in. After that we had to go to religious services. Once those were ended we went to a welcoming campfire and then to bed.



            We woke up and put on our Class A scout shirts. Then we headed for breakfast which was french toast, hash browns, and ham. When breakfast was over we went and cleaned out our tents and did a pack shake s

down with Alli to decide what not to bring. After that we placed our packa in the packline and went to get our crew locker. We put all of the stuff we wouldn't be taking on the trail with us in the locker. Then we walked to do crew pictures in front of a nice mountain view. When the pictures were done we put our Class A's in the locker and went to enjoy our free time at the Tooth of Time Trading Post. Some of the guys also went to the snack shop. After that we took a tour of the Villa de Philmonte. After that we rushed to lunch but were still late. A ranger let us cut in line to get our BBQ rib sandwhiches with potato chips and cookies. After lunch we had some more free time to play hacky sack. Then we wrote on our map the safety procedures. After that we loaded up the buses for another ride to Lover's Leap Turnaround to start our first hike. There we did a lightning drill and some map and compass practice. Then we started out two mile hike to Lover's Leap camp. We saw cows on our path and got a little lost before getting there. Before we went to camp we went up to Lover's Leap and those of us brave enough to go to the edge got a picture. Then we went to camp and set it up. We ate mexican beans and rice for dinner and went to bed.




            We woke up and started to immediately pack up camp. Once we finished we ate nature valley bars, poptarts, fruit roll ups, and raisins for breakfast. Then we loaded our gear and headed for the water refill station. When we filled all our bottles we headed for our campsite. It was a staff camp called Uraca. We arrived a little before lunch. We met the staff and they gave us a campsite where we set up out stuff and ate our lunch. Afterwards  we went back to the staff area to do activities. Before we even got to start Gene got off on the wrong foot with our activity leader, Slim. Everyone had fun with the activities made to improve our teamwork. After the activities we went back to camp to make dinner and play hacky sack. After dinner we went to play noodle jousting while the adults went to advisor coffee. Then we went to a campfire where the staff sang songs and told ghost stories about Uracca Messa being haunted. Those stories scared John Freels. After that we went back to camp and went to bed.



            We woke up and headed up the cliff to watch the sunrise at Inspiration Point . It was Alli's last day with us. When we got back to camp we packed up and Alli headed back to base camp alone. Then we headed for Crater Lake. We hiked until about 12:30 which was when we ate saltine crackers for lunch. When we got to Crater Lake we met the boss of the logging company that took place in 1914. his name was Moose. His friends were Ben, Jimmy Fidel, and Dirty Shirt. They gave us free oranges. Moose took us to our campsite and we set up. Then we went to go do some sparpole climbing. Only Gene, Mr. Montgomery, Roger, and Patrick did climbing. Steve told Patrick to shout “I have the Power!” at the top so naturally he did it. After that we went back to camp and made dinner which was chicken and rice with pilot bisqets. After we cleaned up our dinner we went to the campfire. Since it was raining we had the gathering in the breezeway. The loggers told stories and danced and told jokes. It was really fun. We all headed back to camp except for Rick who stayed back to party with the loggers. When we got to camp we went to bed.



            We woke up and packed up and Patrick and Luke got in a quick game of hacky sack. We then ate breakfast. We headed to the staff cabin where Gene(our “skilled” navigator”) had to ask Dirty Shirt of all people for directions. Real men don't need directions though, that's why Gene was the one asking. We hiked for hours and stopped at Fish Camp and ate lunch. Then we headed to fly fishing class. Only Gene, Luke, and Patrick bought fishing liscenses. They went fishing and caught nothing. We took a lodge tour which took place in 1927 and was very interesting with lots of big, dead animals in it. Then we headed to Bear Canyon campsite. We followed the creek but then headed into a more dry area. Once we got there Steve and John Freels started cooking while Rick adopted Luke and Patrick as his Philmont Sons. After we ate we played hacky sack and ninja explosion. We all went to bed when it got dark.



            We woke up and packed up all our gear. Our cooks fixed us our very first hot breakfast of sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns. Once we finished eating we geared up and headed for Baubien (bo-bee-inn). We had a long hike ahead of us. We saw birds, deer, mini bears, and the occaisional crew along the way. When we got there Toolbox and Palmer told us about the camp and took us to our site. We were in site number nine. We immediately set up the dining fly, bear bags, and tents. The other crew from our troop was also staying there and hung out with us for awhile. Rick cut disks out of a log for himself and his “sons” to brand. Mitchell broke one of Patrick's disks so he made it into a puzzle. Some people branded  wallets, hats, wood, belts, boots, shoes, and many other personal items. We also found a horseshoe in our campsite which Patrick took with him. Gene and Edwin went to prepare the chuckwagon dinner. We had beef stew with bisquets and peach cobler for dessert. Then we went to camp and got ready for the campfire. There we sang songs and told jokes and stories. Afterwards we went to bed.



            We woke up later than usual because we had an extra day at Baubien. We all ate breakfast then went to brand some more or just do whatever we wanted. At eight in the morning we had to work on a three hour conservation project. We ended up cutting down trees and digging up stumps. We only got one tree down and didnt even finish getting out the stump. On the way back to camp Steve, Lucas, and Patrick stopped to brand their hats. Then everyone joked around in camp until we ate at 11:30. when we finished that we filled our nalgenes and took the four mile hike uphill to see the B24D Liberator plane that crashed there in 1942. Gene got a picture of him peeing off the wing and the “Philmont Family” got a picture. We went to the very top and climbed a tree to get a great view of the ranch. Edwin claimed to see a bear up close but had no witnesses or photo proof. We then went to camp and had dinner. Then we either went to bed or sat around and talked a little later.



            We woke up and packed up all our gear and headed off for Crooked Creek. We got there at 10:20 a.m. So after our porch talk we set up our camp and napped and relaxed until lunch. After lunch we went to go make candles. Steve and Roger decided to stay in camp while everyone else left. Patrick shaped his candle like a turtle while everyone elses candles just looked like candles. We went back to the camp site and napped and relaxed some more. After our napping we joked around until we went to take a tour of an 1870's house. After the tour Gene proposed to our tour guide Molly and in turn she made him do work and made him wear a dress/apron. After that we went and fed the burros(donkeys) and watered the garden. Then Steve, Lucas, Gene, and Patrick played hackey sack and horse shoes. Then we headed back to camp and Lucas and Patrick made mac-and-cheese with ham in it for dinner. Afterwards the adults went to advisor's coffee and the scouts played horse shoes with Steve while John Freels hit on the hens. Then we went to milk the cow and the calf turned out to be a lot of trouble. Now john was hitting on the burros. Mr. Montgomery and John milked the cow. Then we did a poo flinging contest which Gene and Participated in. we only lost by 13inches(inside joke). Afterwards Steve, Lucas, and Patrick played frisbee with our sister crew and we all went to bed.



            We woke up and quikly packed up all our stuff. Then we had breakfast or as Lucas called it Bread-Fest. Then we headed out. At the cabin Gene had to say bye to Molly and drew a heart in the dirt with both their names in it. We got to Clear Creek at about 11:30 a.m. And the fur trappers of 1831 showed us around and took us to our camp. They explained the fire rules and we set up camp then ate lunch. After lunch we relaxed until about 2 and then took a tour of their cabin. After the tour we threw tomohawks. Patrick made a mini tomohawk and stuck it on the first throw. After that we went to learn how to trap beavers. Then we went back to camp. Lucas had broken his tent that morning so he would be staying in Gene's two man tent with Gene and Patrick for the rest of the trip. At 4 we went to shoot black powder rifles. We shot at our hats. Lucas got 2 shots in his and John got 1. after that we went back to camp and had BBQ beef for dinner which was basicly just chili. After that we played hackey sack but only after Patrick, Lucas, and Rick scraped the bag off the pot that Steve had melted onto there making apple cobler. After hackey sack we got bored and went to bed.



            We got up and got our “Pit Shacked” at around 5:30, ate breakfast, and headed out to climb Mount Philips. It is the second tallest mountain on Philmont. We got to the top in about 2hours. We got to the top and sat in rock chairs. We also got pictures, played hackey sack, and had a snowball fight. There was snow up there and it was the middle of summer! Then we headed for the bottom and for Red Hills Camp. We set up camp, ate lunch, washed in the creek, and took naps until dinner time. After dinner we played hackey sack and got Roger playing for the first time. Then we went to bed early at about 9:30.



            We woke up and packed up all our junk(we were calling our gear junk by then) and ate breakfats. Then we treated any blisters we might have had. “Doctor” Steve was in charge of that. Then we geared up and headed out. We were going to Ponderosa Park(but there was no Pizza) which meant we had to overcome Big Red Mountain and Black Mountain and around Bear Mountain's ridge. We got over Big Red without too much trouble other than not being able to find the path on the other side. Pnce we found it we headed around Bear Mountain's ridge. Then we got to the base of Black Mountain. We heard at Baubien that Black had really hard trails. We started climbing and slowly got tired along the way. We breaked at a cliff for lunch along the way and after that continued our climb. We got to the peak and took some pictures then headed down the other side towards Sheafer's Pass. There we filled up our Nalgenes at a spring and hiked the downhill mile and a half to Ponderosa Park(still not seeing any Pizza). It was actually a forest full of Ponderosa Pines and there was no pizza in sight. We set up camp and ate dinner. Lucas had 5helpings of food. Then we played hackey sack and went to bed early.



            We woke up at around 4 because we had a long hike to base camp. This was our last day on the trail. We packed super fast and ate super fast. Then headed out at about 5. he had to go back up the Sheafer's Pass and once we got there it was 6. We had to hurry to get to base camp before 12:45 so that we could eat lunch because we didnt have a lunch for that day. We stopped at the Tooth of Time. We climbed to the top of the Tooth. Everyone made it to the top except for Edwin and Mr. Montgomery. Rick, Lucas, Patrick got a “family” picture at the top wearing Rick's cycling hats. Then we got group pictures and pictures of the view. John made it up there after the pictures just as everyone was heading down. On John's way down he went to wrong way and we spent almost an hour looking for him. Finally Gene found him and we geared up did the last four miles. All four of them were really hot, dry, and painful. We finally got to base camp at about 2. we got a picture at the “we all made it” sign and got our assigned tents in tent city. We checked in our Crew Gear and showered. Then we changed. We ate dinner, went to chapel services, and attended the closing campfire. Then we went to bed.



            We woke up and got ready to go to breakfast. We had steak sticks, biscuits, gravy, and whatever we wanted to drink. We were all glad to have REAL FOOD. We then hung around camp and waited for lunch. After lunch Steve treated us all to ice cream. Then we got on the bus and paid $5 to go to Cimarron for a little while until we had to go back to base camp. Instead of lunch at base camp we decided to go to a local pizza place called Simple Simons. Patrick and Lucas split and ultra sized six meat pizza and both had large drinks. Then we hit up the stores. Most of us bought knives and then went to the park where Steve, Lucas, and Patrick enjoyed a nice swing on the swing set. Then we got back on the bus and headed for base camp. There we loaded up the busses to take us to the train station in Raton. Both crews ahowed off their knives to eachother and tried to enjoy the long and boring bus ride. At the station we loaded onto a charter bus thet would take us to a different station because the tracks there had been flooded. On the bus it hailed and we once again tried to enjoy the ride. Then we got on the train and got free dinner. Mitchell, Joel, Nick, Mike, and Patrick stayed up playing Monopoly Deal until about 2:30 in the morning and then went to bed along with everyone else.



            We all woke up on the train at different times. Some decided to buy train food for breakfast. All we did on the train was hang out, joke around, and play hackey sack in the luggage car. We ate lunch around noon which was more train food. Then we got to another train station and split into groups to get a second lunch. Most of us went to McDonald's except for Lil' John who went to Pizza Hut and Mike, Nick, Patrick, and Steve who went to Burrito Beach. Then we got onto another train which we rode to Indianapolis where John and Terry Combs picked us up in the troop van and took us home. We got to the annex at around 2a.m. There we unloaded all our stuff and went home. All and all it was a good trip.