Photos We Can't Seem to Throw Away

Denali National Park, Alaska 2000
Alaska Railroad 2000
Kenai Fjords Tours, Alaska 2000
Great Salt Peter Caves, Kentucky 2001
Shotgun shooting at the father/son camporee, Woodland Trails 2001
Waterball at the Greenvile Treaty 2001
Records advancement records 2001
Indian Staircase rapell, Red River Gorge, Kentucky 2001
Half Moon Rock rapell, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 2001
Waterskiing at Caesar's Creek State Park 2001
Someday's truck got wet!
Indoor rappelling at the troop meeting room 2001
Olympic runners at Gelen Helen Nature Preserve, 2001
Yellow Springs 2001
How many guys can we get on top of the pinnacle?

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