325 on the ropes

Welcome to "325 on the ropes", the latest vib on what's happening with our rock climbing/rappelling program.  Check out one of these links:

    All walls are now finished. (1/13/02)

    Now we finish the face of the third wall. (12/22/01)

    Two months later we have the third wall's structure in place. (12/16/01)

    Here is the second phase of the climbing wall. (10/15/01)

    Yes!  We have the first section of our climbing wall built. (10/08/01)

    Troop 325 to build a climbing wall in their meeting room!  Here's the plans. (4/19/01)

    Ventures first time on Troop 325's rope pulleys (10/16/00)

    Rope pulley system is operational (10/11/00)


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